About this site

Whether or not you trust or even believe in Jesus, hopefully what you find here will answer some questions you may have. It may even bring up more questions that you didn't know you had or didn't even know to ask.

As with anything that anyone is attempting to learn more about, if you're truly trying to learn and understand the material, put preconceived notions aside. Allow what you see, hear, and read here to lead you into further study - dig deeper. Allow what you see, hear, and read here to challenge you to put your feelings and opinions away and establish concrete foundations for what you believe - whether you agree with what you find here or not.

We would challenge you - Jesus follower or not - to ask God to show you the truth. Ask for wisdom and He'll give it to you ().

About 4SIX

For a large portion of my life, I watched believers and non-believers alike stress, strain, and struggle with the same problems. Yes - tribulations are a part of life in this world ( ) - I totally understand that. But all too often, the outcomes were the same. Countless times I saw believers devestated and destroyed in one way or another by "life." And it's usually at those times I've heard the question, "Why me, Lord?"

Then I found this verse:

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge [of Me]. - Hosea 4:6

We're taught and we read in Scripture that we are more than conquerors in Christ ( ) and that we are overcomers ( ), but many times, many Christians often experience the same losses and defeats as those who haven't made Jesus Lord of their life.

We're taught and we read in Scripture that in Christ we have peace ( ) - even that Jesus has given us His very own peace ( ), but yet many Christians suffer greatly from a lack of it. Stress, anxiety, depression, sickness, financial burdens, and many other things keep them from truly having peace.

Why is it that God's people - His own children - go through all the same things as the "world" and all too often suffer the same results? Is His Word not true? Does He not keep His Word? Are some of His children "better" than others? Does He play favorites? Are they not more than conquerors? Are they not overcomers? Are they supposed to suffer the same things and results as those who haven't put their trust in Christ? Is being "destroyed" just a part of "life" - Christian or not?

Hence 4SIX Ministries - driven by Hosea 4:6.

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