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Joy-less Christmas: Part 4

Let's wrap this up like a present. A present of knowing that you're not alone. A present of hope and light and peace.

Joy-less Christmas: Part 3

You have to address the root cause of the issue. You can't change the oil in your vehicle if it's out of gas!

Joy-less Christmas: Part 2

Maybe you've got it all! Family, friends, career, things, etc. And yet maybe you still feel like something's missing.

Joy-less Christmas: Part 1

It's that time of the year again! Where many folks are "joyful" and excited, but yet there are many of us who aren't.

Giving Thanks: Part 3

Thankfulness defined.

Giving Thanks: Part 2

Getting back to the basics - the very core - of why we give thanks.

Giving Thanks: Part 1

Getting back to the basics - the very core - of why we give thanks.

Cop-out Christianity

What could be worse than careless confidence? What's more detrimental than foundation-less faith? Take a deep breath for this one...

Careless Confidence

How do you make sure your confidence isn't misplaced, misaligned, or just plain old missing?

Fight Club

As mentioned in the book Live & Walk in the Spirit - Part 1: Trichotomy, the Fight Club series of teaching...

King Jesus

If what we know about someone shapes our reality of them, how does that affect following Jesus?

Decisions, decisions

Big or small, life-changing or inconsequential - we make thousands of decisions every day

Followers vs Followers

3 or 3 million followers... what does it really mean?

I Ain't Your Pastor

And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers...

Perception is Reality

Regardless of the truth, unfortunately - for most people - perception is reality.