Available from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle edition. Priced very reasonably to remove the expense excuse. In most cases, you'll spend as much or more on a combo meal from a fast food restaurant. If you're going to spend that kind of money to feed your body typically unhealthy food, you can invest that kind of money into feeding your spirit life-giving instruction.

Is that too harsh? If so, these books may be too harsh as well. Pardon the vernacular, but ain't nobody got no time for messing around. We've wasted enough time, haven't we? God's people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge, and if you reject knowledge, God rejects you (Hosea 4:6). What destruction awaits you? Is staying in your comfort zone worth God's rejection? Rhetorical questions, of course.

Live and Walk in the Spirit Part 1 : Trichotomy

This text addresses the thought or feeling so many people have that there has to be more to this world and this life than just what we can see. Truly an excellent place to start (or further develop) a spiritual understanding and walk for both Christians and non-Christians alike. As the first in a multi-part series, don't read any of the others without reading and understanding this one first.

Live and Walk in the Spirit Part 2 : Living vs. Walking

The follow up to Trichotomy, this book will cover the difference between what it means to "live" and to "walk."