Fight Club teaching series

These articles and videos were produced under the Black Belt Christianity moniker. Clicking the link will open a new tab and take you to that website where you can watch the video or read the article.

Listed in order - oldest to newest

Fight Club Intro

Let's start with a couple of fundamental things as a bit of an introduction.

Fight Club 101a: Know the Battlefield

You can't effectively engage an enemy if you're not on the right battlefield...

Fight Club 101b: Know the Battlefield

We may not be called to fight the enemy, but we are called to fight. And it can be a tough one...

Fight Club 101c: Know the Battlefield

Fighting with one hand... or both... tied behind your back.

Fight Club 102a: Know Your Enemy

If you don't know your enemy's tactics, you could be walking into a massacre... your own.

Fight Club 102b: Know Your Enemy

Let's talk some more about the enemy's tactics.

Fight Club 102c: Know Your Enemy

What is it that motivates our enemy? Why do they want to attack us?

Fight Club 103a: Know Yourself

In anything and everything (especially when it comes to engaging in a conflict), knowing the battle ground is one thing... knowing your enemy is another... but knowing yourself - who you are and what you are capable of - is arguably the most important.

Fight Club 103b: Know Yourself

If your life is in the spiritual realm (which it is) and if you're a spirit (which you are) how can you contend against wicked forces that have been fighting long before you were born?

Fight Club 103c: Know Yourself

Today we continue our discussion on knowing yourself. If you made it through the last one that is...

Fight Club 103d: Know Yourself

Today we wrap up our fundamentals portion with the last section on "Know Yourself" by quickly covering the three response mechanisms - fight, flight, or freeze. And there's a lot more in the article than in the video...

Fight Club 201: Know Your Tools

We've discussed the battlefield, your enemy, and yourself. Now let's move into talking about the tools you have at your disposal. What exactly do you have available to "fight" with?

Fight Club 202: Know Your Tools

Last time, we looked at the first tool in our arsenal. Today, let's talk about the second piece - righteousness.

Fight Club 203: Know Your Tools

Could you imagine someone being attacked and standing still? Staying in place? Not moving? No? Me either. A fight is a dynamic engagement - it moves and changes.

Fight Club 204: Know Your Tools

Of all the tools we have at our disposal - of all the tools we're told to use - while all equally vital to our protection and success - which one is the most important?

Fight Club 205: Know Your Tools

If you think a concussion is bad, how much worse is it if the Devil gets in your head? You have to protect your head... more accurately - your soul.

Fight Club 206: Know Your Tools

This is it... We've looked at most of tools in your arsenal when it comes to fight club, but not a single one can be used as a weapon. Let's talk about your one real weapon against the enemy.

Fight Club 207: Know Your Tools

Let's expand a little on what we talked about last time. How do you properly use the one thing described as your weapon against the enemy?