To educate, enlighten, and encourage the world through simple, practical, and applicable teachings from Scripture in order to bring everyone closer to Jesus Christ

Mission Basis

1. God's people are destroyed because they lack knowledge of Him. () We can all know God more.

2. God's people perish when they have no revelation of Him. () He gave us His Word so that we might have greater revelation of Him.

3. When we follow the "traditions of men," we worship in vain and make the Word of no effect. ( ) We have to get back to Scripture itself, not relying on what we think we know or what has been passed down to us by men (and women).

4. Scripture is what we should use for instruction and correction. It is what we should use to establish our beliefs, learn what is approved by God, and become fully prepared for good works unto others. ()

5. Scripture was given to us to learn from and to give us hope. ()

6. The Word of God (Scripture) is our Biblically-defined weapon against the enemy. ()

7. The Holy Spirit is our Teacher, reminding us of what God has said to us. But that requires having heard Scripture. ()


1. Jesus is the One Who fills us. Only Jesus can complete, fulfill, and satisfy us. ()

2. Jesus is the only Way to God. ()

3. Eternal life is found in Jesus by accepting Him as Lord. It is available to anyone and everyone. (, , )

4. Salvation is the free gift of God. There is nothing you can do to earn it. (, )

Mission Breakdown


    To help everyone in knowing Jesus Christ more. Not just in head knowledge. Not just academically. Personally and experientially.


    In , we see that the Word is useful as the basis for our beliefs and convictions, correcting us and teaching us righteousness - that which is approved by God. Why? Why is that important? Verse 17 tells us that it is so we may be complete - ready right now - and fully equipped for every good work. Over in , we also see that the Word was written for us to learn from. Our education - based on the Word - is where we have our hope.

    In , we're called to "press on to maturity." The Word isn't just sufficient for our education, but required for our enlightenment - the only way we can grow and mature spiritually. It is God's Word that quickens us - gives us new life ( ). We must grow into a greater understanding of God, relationship with Christ, association with the Spirit, and revelation of His Word.

    All too often, we - believers and unbelievers alike - feel as if we're the only ones going through something or feeling one way or another. The Word you receive here is meant to encourage and edify you - to build you up ( ). Yes, many times the Word corrects us ( ). No, it's not always pleasant. But it's what we learn from that correction that builds us up.


    Our goal is to keep things as simple as possible so that no one is corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ ( ). He is the Word of God ( ) and it is by the written and spoken Word that we come to know Him.

    What good is instruction if it isn't practical? What good does it do you if it isn't useful? The Word is useful as a tool for teaching ( ). Therefore, everything you find here is rooted in the Word.

    Here you'll find teachings that are relevant to both spiritual maturity and this mortal life that can actually be applied on a day-to-day basis. Scripture isn't dead. It is alive ( )! It still applies today. The Lord is the same yesterday, today, and forever ( ) and so is His Word. No matter the day and age, His Word remains the same and is relevant ( ). It is 4SIX's goal that the faith that comes from the hearing of the Word ( ) is then put into action because faith without works is dead ( ).